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"Her hauntingly beautiful voice is unforgettable.”

- Theresa Leslie (The Indie Show/Mix 93.7)

“A rare talent, Copeland has such glistening musical abilities. I predict a killer solo career”

- Leah Kaselhorst (MusicSupervision Co.)

"She is very in touch with what she is doing. Very impressed with vibe and scope of her sound" 
- Daniel Victor (Never Ending White Lights)
"Copeland could sing a Chinese food takeout menu and make it sound amazing"     
- Dalson Chen (The Windsor Star)

It is common for established artists and producers to later turn to writing for film, but Steph Copeland has taken the reverse route. Copeland is a Canadian screen composer known for her work in drama, thriller and genre films (Vicious Fun, The Oak Room, Bite, I’ll Take Your Dead, A Perfect Plan, Bed of The Dead) series’ (The Wedding Planners,Turning The Tables) and commercials (NBA Canada, Pan Am Games, The North Face) as well as being an accomplished pop vocalist, producer and song writer.

Copeland began her career as a classically trained vocalist and producer with roots in the Windsor/Detroit electronic music scene before releasing her solo debut effort Public Panic. The release resulted in a signing with a NY based publisher where she is a writer/producer for international artists in addition to her own material, earning placements in various 

feature films and series' (LA's Finest, Tiny Pretty Things, UNReal, The Wedding Planners, Mysticons ++)

In addition to composing for film and TV, Steph took on the role of music director in 2018, producing and conducting an all female ensemble orchestra in performances opening the 2018 SOCAN Awards with Brett Kissell as well as the 2018 TIFF Gala with Sarah Slean, Stacey Kay and The Tenors. Copeland was featured in SOCAN’s FOR THE RECORD spot that debuted at the 2019 Juno Awards. From 2017-18 Copeland could also be found performing keys and back-up vocals for Sony Music artist Ria Mae.


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