From Canadian film composer Steph Copeland comes Public Panic, a new electronic-pop album that personifies an alter ego and gives mass consumerism a casual thrashing.

"Maybe theres something that you know and I don't/and you're sparing me/I'm numb and euphoric/I should thank you for it/but it's scaring me..." - lyrics from "Machines"

Public Panic premiered on, and as Copeland makes a leap from feature films to electro-pop, she is receiving praise from listeners who play the album on repeat.

"Public Panic is a flawless, deep and moody recording from phenomenal songwriter Steph Copeland. It is easily one of the most vibe-filled and top albums of 2015!" - Joao Carvalho

World Premieres 
Steph Copeland recently composed original scores for two independent Canadian films set for worldwide premieres at Fantasia Film Festival this month in Montreal. Hear them in the big screen debut of Bite on July 29, 
and Antisocial 2 July 30!

As a young singer from Southwestern Ontario, Copeland emerged as an electronic artist in Detroit and Los Angeles in the early 2000's. When she moved to Toronto in 2010, Copeland developed as a producer and songwriter and has scored seven feature length films including AntisocialAntisocial 2, The Drownsman and Ejecta. Each song on Public Panic was written by Copeland, produced, mixed and engineered by Matt Rideout and mastered by Joao Carvalho.